About Last Night

So, it’s Wednesday, the day after the election. I spent the morning posting angry diatribes on Facebook, and the afternoon trying to figure out how to exist in a country of Ted Nugents. More than half the country is angry and incredulous. The tears and fears, the hand wringing, it is all justified and completely understandable. But now, we must go forward. How do we help one another get through the next four years?

The truth is, we should have all been doing this already, before the election outcome. But now, more than ever, we must all become heroes and stand up to the bullies. Bullies in whatever form they take. It won’t be easy, and we may very well have to put ourselves in harm’s way, but the more we make it part of our lives, being a hero will become second nature.

When you’re in a store, and you overhear homophobic, anti-Semitic or racist venom being spewed by some yahoo, call them out over it. Whether it’s being directed at someone Gay, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, or Sikh, come to their rescue. Don’t shy away and pretend you don’t hear it, jump in and be a warrior! If you see this scenario happening, join arms with your fellow man and create an army! It’s staying silent that gives the side of ignorance their power.

The only thing that a bully understands is strength. I’m certainly not suggesting anyone initiate violence, but we MUST take a stand. Teach your children to take a stand in the schoolyard! Don’t accept a woman being harassed at work as ‘the norm.’ We cannot allow boorish behavior to become acceptable!

This is about character. If the yahoo in the store says, “This is none of your business,” you respond with, “I’m making it my business!” Stand firm and exclaim, “Not in my America!”

I believe that once we all experience the power of being a warrior and we run TOWARDS our brothers and sisters under attack, instead of shrinking away in fear, we may not alter the thinking of the ignorant, but we will send a message that, just because our President is a bully, we won’t accept that kind of behavior as defining us as a nation. THAT’S NOT MY AMERICA!

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